Welcome to The Crafty Fox! Our name comes from the street out front; and while most foxes are indeed crafty, the name carries a special meaning as it applies to our food, beer, wine and spirits. Think about “craft” in terms of any creation by hand. That’s us! We use brewing ingredients in our handmade, crafted meals and other food products. We’ve collaborated with local craft breweries to create some beer/food combinations that we think you’ll agree are tasty and delightful—a huge amount of fun. What’s in it, you ask? We cook with spent grain, wort, hops and yeasts that come straight from Diebolt Brewing Company! 

Additionally, at The Crafty Fox we pursue the rarest, wildest, hardiest beers ever to flow from a brewer’s kettle. With a focus on domestic craft, we promise to offer an ongoing, extensive lineup of 60 great-tasting craft beers on a rotating basis. What’s magic about 60? With so much variety in the Denver area and beyond, that’s the minimum selection you’ll need to keep up. How do we know? We’re crafty.